Intelligent Video Analytics

Unlock the power of AI-driven video analytics to detect anomalies, streamline investigations, and enhance operational efficiency.

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Enhance every camera with real-time AI insights and automated alerts, powered by intelligent video analytics. Streamline your operations and achieve peak efficiency by making informed decisions.

Intelligent Video Analytics At the Edge

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Intelligent Local Inference Center

24x7 local storage, supercharged with on-edge Al processing up to 100 TOPS. Sets up in minutes, scales to number of cameras. Gain end-to-end video analytics by integrating validated software and cameras.

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Developer Friendly

Enjoy a user-friendly, no/low code design tool that empowers effortless adjustments to meet evolving needs, accessible from anywhere, at any time.

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Real-time Analysis

Edge AI allows for immediate processing of video data as it's generated. This enables real-time responses, such as identifying security threats, tracking objects, or controlling machinery, without the need for round-trip data transfer.

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Bandwidth Efficiency

Edge processing reduces the need for high-bandwidth connections to transmit video data to remote servers or the cloud. This can result in significant cost savings, especially in situations with limited network bandwidth.

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Deploy anywhere, monitor real time from anywhere

In environments with intermittent or unreliable network connectivity, embedded systems can continue to function autonomously, ensuring uninterrupted video analytics. Seeed's devices provide hybrite connectivity options.

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Cost-Efficiency for Scalability

Edge devices can be cost-effective at scale, as you can deploy additional devices as needed to handle increased processing demands. This allows for efficient scaling without incurring high infrastructure costs.

Upgrade Any Camera with An Powerful Edge AI Device, supercharged by NVIDIA Jetson Platform

From one model to multiple model, support up to 20+ real-time streams running at single edge AI devices.

Choose A Powerful Edge AI Device


Edge AI box with 4x USB3.2, HDMI 2.1, 2xCSI, 1xRJ45 Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano/Orin NX.

reComputer Industrial

Fanless compact PC with 2x RJ-45 GbE, RS232/422/485, 4× Isolated DI/DO, 1xCAN Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano/Orin NX.

reServer Industrial

Local inference center for video intelligences. Fanless design with 4 PoEs and SATA ports support 2x HDD.
Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano/Orin NX.

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Download NVIDIA Jetson Series Catalog

Video Analysis made easier with validated solutions

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Build Video Analytics Application in 10 Minutes

Create & deliver custom video analytics solutions in minutes. Lumeo is a "no-code" custom video analytics platform that allows providers to deliver new solutions easily with drag & drop tools and pre-built analytic building blocks.

Occupancy Counting

Built with: Person Detection, Occupancy Monitor, ElasticSearch

Overtime Parking

Built with: Vehicle Detection, Occupancy Monitor, SMS Alert

Illegal Turns

Built with: Vehicle Detection, License Plate Recognition, Line Cross, Save Snapshot

Wait Time Analysis

Built with: Vehicle or Person Detection, Occupancy Monitor, ElasticSearch

Pre-built dozens of video analytics, powered by CVEDIA-RT

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Pre-built Dozens of Video Analytics, Powered By CVEDIA-RT

CVEDIA-RT makes designing and deploying computer vision AI easy and enjoyable. CVEDIA-RT simplifies the process by exposing only the necessary details, allowing developers to focus on building their solutions without worrying about system complexities. Explore CVEDIA's ready to use AI solutions such as crowd-estimation, perimeter-security, people counting. All models for one price!

Computer Vision Software Platform

Use Case

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AI-Driven Video Analytics for Automotive Dealer Warehouse Security

Effective intruder detection is crucial for large organizations, and the automotive industry is no exception. Prassel, an Italian software solutions provider for security and safety, has deployed a successful intruder detection system across 20 warehouses and logistics facilities of a large automotive dealer.

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Video Analytics Solution in Airports for Operation Efficiency Improving and Safety Enhancement

Isasoft make every camera count with their Perception video analysis adds value for planning, operation and security. Their cutting-edge AI video analytics solution, tailored for airport environments with solution of:
Queue management
Customer Experience
Baggage carousel analysis

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