Wireless Environmental Monitoring in Harsh Conditions

Heavy Rainfall | Extreme Temperature | Excessive Dust | High Humidity

Environmental monitoring is key for informed decision-making in sectors like agriculture, logistics, and warehouse management etc.

Seeed aims to provide an evolving set of easy-to-deploy systems to ensure everyone can set up and obtain data in 3 steps with the flexibility to integrate them into the existing IT systems.

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Solid for the Wild

IP66 Professional outdoor protection,IP66 rating -40 ~ +80℃.

19Ah Ultra-low power consumption,built-in 19Ah battery for long life.

10km Up to 10km data transmission

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100+ Sensors for Choices

Broad line of 100+ sensors to adapt to any scenario, encompassing pressure, weather, air quality, soil , light intensity, water quality, image ensuring comprehensive environmental monitoring across various industries, from agriculture to automation.

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Easy to Deploy & Manage in Scale

* 1 minute / 3 steps to configure on SenseCAP APP
* Update settings across fleets in 1 click with Bluetooth
* Easy to integrate with your own network and application with open approach

What do you Need to Build this Network?

SenseCAP Sensors

Wireless Sensors to feel the real world

SenseCAP Gateways

Forward the raw sensor data to LNS

LoRaWAN® Network Servers

Process data and integrate devices and data to your applications


Where you Have Fun

What We Provide

Wireless LoRaWAN Sensors - SenseCAP Sensors

Wireless Sensors to collect data from real world

A Glance of Products

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SenseCAP S2103 - CO2 Sensor

A battery-powered IP66 wireless CO2, air temp and humi sensor, range from 400 to 10000 ppm, -40°C to 85°C, and 0 to 100 %RH, equipped with built-in Bluetooth and APP service for OTA configuration and remote device management.

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SenseCAP S2106 - pH Sensor

A battery-powered IP66 wireless pH sensor, ranging from 0~14 pH, equipped with built-in Bluetooth and APP service for OTA configuration and remote device management.

SenseCAP LoRaWAN Gateway

Provide network coverage within buildings, throughout the city, even in remote places.

A Glance of Products

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SenseCAP M2 Indoor Gateway

A standard LoRaWAN® gateway that supports connecting to different network servers with frequency plans from 865 MHz to 923 MHz.

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SenseCAP Outdoor Gateway

A standard LoRaWAN gateway designed with an IP66 enclosure and supports an extended operating temperature range.

Digital Platform with AI Engine

For fast configuration and data insight

A Glance of Products

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SenseCAP Mate APP

SenseCAP Mate App is used to fast-config LoRa parameters, interval, bind devices to your account and check device basic information.

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SenseCraft Data Platform

A cloud-based IoT data management platform designed to provide users with efficient, secure and reliable data collection, storage, processing, remote analysis and visualization services.

Live Sensor Data from our Office Balcony

How Various Industries Utilize These Products

Upgrade the Monitoring System for Chicken House to Automate Anomaly Detection

Chicken farms are becoming massive in size, managing them effectively becomes increasingly challenging. With our solutions, farmers can easily monitor and ensure optimal environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity.

Mitigate Urban Heat Island in City

Urban heat island monitoring for the local administration to take action on the intervention in the building color and green space planning to better mitigate the heat island effect.

Remote Real-Time Monitoring for Silos to Avoid Costly and Stress-causing Dry Runs for transportation optimization

This application offers insights into how the management of large oil storage facilities can be simplified. It facilitates the monitoring of oil levels, offers access to consumption history, automates delivery forecasts, and even provides theft notifications, thereby optimizing logistics and minimizing costs.

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